Wait...What are we basing the lack of aggression on? How can we tell how active or inactive The Knicks were in trying to land this kid?

There were reports that The Knicks had interest but he and his agent had a cutoff for positions in The Draft so you have to move on.

So should The Knicks have offered Shump, our pick and cash for a player they had not seen up close?

Now had the Knicks passed on this kid like we did w Rondo to draft Balkman than that is a completely different story but who can blame a team for not trading up, or for all we know being able to trade up

and you are also assuming teams in front of us wanted our assets over Schroder...Donnie Walsh said it best in regards to trades "Anyone can draw up a trade when talking at a Sports Bar, now get another GM to agree to your terms"

So for all we know Glen could have called teams ahead of us before or even during the draft and teams simply were not interested....its no one's fault that we did not end up with this kid, this won't "hurt" us because we had no affiliation with him!

Bringing in Isiah as GM hurt us
Not being able to sign Lebron 2010 hurt us
trading away Ewing Hurt us
Again Drafting Renaldo Balkman over Rondo hurt us
Weiss over Artest hurt us
Frye over Bynum hurt us
Bringing in Chris Childs over Tim Hardaway Sr. hurt us
and so on...

but these are all moves that were either missed opportunities or poor choices but not being able to move up to get a player is not such a blown opportunity.

I suppose you may be saying you wished we had been able to draft him, in which case I'd have to agree, he would have been a great pickup but so would have Kyrie Irving 3 years ago!

Sometimes things are just out of your control, that's life!