The Knicks Front Office failed us with their inactivity within the NBA Draft and their inability to address our interior defense and ball movement weakness as a team.

well the reports on the Knicks looking into Schroeder? Most draft reports are just speculation.
Schroeder was projected anywhere from 8 to 24. T
his was one of the most unpredictable drafts in the past decade.
Knicks need an interior defender/shot blocker or a young PG to replace Felton.
Atlanta got that within two picks.
If Knicks were really serious about their biggest weaknesses, then it would be a priority.
A championship franchise doesn't move on and accept their weaknesses and go into the season with the weakness unanswered. Knicks need to run themselves like the Spurs, then we'll be a respectable franchise and not get stomped by teams like the Pacers or Miami or punked by Pierce/KG in the playoffs.

Knicks make it seem like resigning JR Smith was such a priority when it really contradicts Shumpert's development and playing time.
Iman is a SG
JR Smith is a SG.
so we draft another SG in Tim Hardaway.

Makes sense, so you ask if Knicks should of traded Iman Shumpert? Well, it seems so if they drafted another SG. Unconfirmed "reports" are saying Iman Shumpert is unhappy with what the Knicks are doing this off season.

It seems like Knicks scouting goes as far beyond in scouting C level pros in Euro and sign them to a short contract.
I have nothing against as it has helped us out a lot with Prigioni and Copeland. Maybe Bobby Brown can do something for us being another off the bench plug (as if Smith, Bargnani, Stoudemire and Hardaway isn't enough.) Lottery teams are willing to make moves and it's not like Knicks have terrible pieces.

I personally wouldn't trade Shumpert straight up, but for draft picks and get Schroeder and Nogueira, I would pull the move off in an instant. I much rather have high potential prospects at PG and C than just one at SG.
That's my way of thinking. Balance. This team isn't balance and the Knicks FO has done a terrible job in making an effect in doing so. You make the Draft and Off Season your opportunity to shake up your roster and build it for the best chance to compete.

I would of traded



DeShawn Stevenson

Shumpert/Hardaway Jr./Jenkins

Anthony/World Peace

I believe these prospects will be top 10 players in this draft, and will work their way into 20+ minutes into an NBA lineup soon.