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True. I keep forgeting how Woody plays his roster. If thats the case, i think we do well with either guard as a 3rd option

Didnt Beno lose his starting-job on the Kings to rookie Isiiah Thomas?

Any 3rd tier PG would do well in Woodson's chucker-system of walking the ball upcourt for ISO-ISO Melo.
Our PG duties has one easy task on offense "Pass the ball to Melo" ....

The way Shumpert played PG in the summer league was exactly, bring the ball up and pass it off to (Melo) on the high post or wing then head to the corner, very boring and predictable with no change, just the same repetitious and boring offensive sets.

Here's a note to remember ......
Lastseason we started the 2012-13 season off with a 18-5 run, and during that run PG-Raymond Felton average close to 20 pts, and 8 ast, taking 16 FGA per game. That was put to an immediate STOP! WHY? bcause Felton was our 2nd option on offense during the 18-5 run. Which made JR.smith a 3rd to 4th option depending on a hot Tyson or Novak.
The Knicks medical staff came into the picture stating, "Felton will b out for 4 to 6 weeks with a fracture-pinky finger" LMAO
When Felton return from the so-call fracture pinky-finger injury LMAO, Felton never took over 6 shots per game, averaging 4 to 5 assist bringing the ball up to only pass to Melo or JR.
What happen to making 7.1 Tyson Chandler the center of attention on offense? bring the ball up for a give n go with Tyson receiving the ball at the foul line? It worked so well with Lin-Sanity, that the Indiana Pacers ran that move with 7.2 Roy Hibbert consistently throughout the 2012-13 season, because of the season injury to their star-player Granger.