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The weird thing is I have NO feelings about this group of players. I don't know what to make of it. It doesn't get me excited, and it doesn't make me less excited. We added good players to our team, but we also don't have some of those great veterans anymore. It's weird. Forget about Amar'e and Tyson's injuries, what about Melo and J.R.'s??????!!!!! Those are the younger guys. Shumpert is gonna be nasty on both ends this up-coming season, could be just what the Knicks need to get over the biggest obstacles.
Rj I feel like thats the proper stance. I mean us optimists have reason to be optimistic and the same can be said for the pessimists. Too many factors to really know, the bargs experiment can turn us to a legit contender best case as well as shump heading in all star territory. But what if melo goes down, jr not like he was last year. Shump not developing. Too many factors but I think that the bargs project is gonna be a big success, probably more then anyone on this forum and shump will develop more.

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