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I apologize to MSGhobo247, i stirred up this latest batch of Metro vs Crazy 8's, there's a whole thread dedicated to their flame-throwing in Site Feedback.
Another weak apology from the guy who doesn't even participate in the forum. Why do you care about anyone leaving or coming to this when you don't even contribute anymore?

You're only to be seen in threads that have drama. What happen to basketball talk?

Why focus on so much drama? Why not just start posting again, like your old self?

You were a better poster when you focused on basketball and not personal relationships on this site. If you're having trouble making friends in the BX and have to seek internet relationships, I understand. But if you're having trouble being an active and unbiased moderator, then I invite you to reconsider your position.

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To the Mods that run this site this is the only downfall. Good threads that turn to personal battles. I'm not involved in any of this **** and don't care to read about any of it. It happens every season and off season. If it continues I'm done with this site. I'm sure ppl won't really care about me leaving personally but It just sucks cause I joined in 07 and was so excited about it. Now I mostly just sign on to read any breaking news that the major news outlets haven't covered yet.

I love this team and this website is like a Knicks Cafe where you're only allowed in to talk about the team we have all came to love. But this thread (like others) reminds me of the way the Garden use to be when fights broke out almost every game before they cleaned it up and added more security. I understand the Mods have a life outside of this website but the Shine that KO.com has dulls every time a new post is made where men slam each others families and health. Nobody wins and everyone looks a decade or 2 younger.

Grow up........ EVERYONE!

Learn how to argue and disagree like men.
I wish, but some people can't handle it. See Crazy8's emotional tirade in some threads of the sitefeedback.
Lucky for him, this is the internet. (no this isn't a personal attack so calm down, just the truth, he would get knocked out into a vegetable state). But since it's the internet, I don't take any offense.

The only problem lies is, if a poster is coming to a website to only insult members, what's the purpose of them being here?

Oh, Crazy posted a video that he spent 72 hours on. What a contribution. Back to trolling the forum.

Ghobo, I been posting on this site with you for years and I know you're all business about strictly discussing basketball. I seek this type of engagement and encourage it.

If someone is going to devote 70% of their post to insults, then why allow it and why would they choose to continue to come back when they have nothing constructive to add to the forum?

These are questions a lot of posters here are afraid to answer without turning the blame to me because of something I did years ago and got banned for already.

This whole thing is figured out, but really.

These things move on because Crazy8 isn't an important figure on this site, he's tried really hard to make himself to be hence why he's engaged in so much fighting for attention and putting a lot of effort into his image, but people will continue to talk about the Knicks.

The 2013-14 season is 2 months away...threads will be made and discussion will continue.

Anyone who brings this nonsense discussion about the drama on the site will just continue to ignite the flame.

Theres nothing else to be said from here.
I'm done with this.