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    Nba Logo Phoenix Suns introduce the sleeved alternate jerseys

    Looks like the NBA is slowly starting a new trend with the sleeved jerseys. While they look pretty nice, as much as i want i just can't see them as official uniforms to be played in during the playoffs or the finals..

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    I dig 'em. They're clean, colors are nice. Purple and Orange always looked cool together and they're one of the few professional sports franchise that rocks that color scheme. They should have an alternate black jersey though.

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    They need to start keeping stats on shooting % with these new sleeved jerseys and see if they go down. It may be minimal or nothing but its got to restrict your arm motion more than a sleeveless jersey.

    I thought the Warriors sleeved jersey was nice looking but don't like this one as much. I think the Warriors jersey had a two tone sleeve and this one is one color.

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