<Andrea Bargnani (pneumonia) will not participate in the Eurobasket tournament.

The event doesn't start until September 4, so it's a little disheartening that He has been ruled out two weeks prior to that. This has been one of the strangest stories of the offseason and Bargnani can be considered questionable for training camp. Toughness and an ability to play through pain has never been one of the Italian's strong-suits.>

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question: why is he called II Mago? as in Mr. Magoo?

opinion seems to be split amongst KO posters as to whether Bargnana will be an asset to #Knickstape,
or just another C-level player. I am amongst the positive opines, believing that a change of atmosphere
will lead to a return to his former glory of 15-17 ppg and other intangibles he brings to the team as a
7-footer who can spread the floor and hit 3's.

I'd like to point out a couple of KO threads, where members spoke highly of the Italian Banana:
(2010) Bargnani is better than Gallo:
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(2013 pre-trade) Stoudemire for Bargnani
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however, this news of his bout with pneumonia brings with it a harbinger of ill portent. Does this have anything to do with his overall health or constitution? is this a lingering condition associated with past woes?

or is this just a nasty cold that shouldn't have anything to do with his prowess as a potent player?

Let's just hope he takes care of himself, and gets well for NYK training camp.
Fu*ck the Eurobasket tournament.