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different era

none of them had to deal with the teams Melo is dealing with

Also Chauncey had more than just Rip he had Sheed and Ben shutting the paint down and Tayshaun locking up the wings

Kidd has a good team but even his final appearances resulted in no rings

and how can you call Melo a ball hog then give Iverson props lmao

The part u missed in my post, were Iverson, Billups, and Jason Kidd exceptional talent improve their teammates talent in a lineup to where their backcourt partners performance were star caliber (u do recall JJ Barea, Terry, and Kidd getting rings).
When a team plays exceptional well in the regular season to win above 50 games, thats all good.
Butt when a team makes it to the FINALS .. that mean the TEAM played on the Next-Level of NBA B,ball.

As for Iverson being considered a ball-hog .. when a player have Iverson's top notch speed, and the best cross-over u ever witness, plus average 6 to 8 assist per game on 47% FG shooting with 7 to 9 trips to the line from getting knocked in the stands on fastbreak baskets .. thats not Ball-Hogging, thats the new logo "The NBA is Exciting"...