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we were under .500 when Melo didn't play, I think 6-7

we started 18-5 no 5-18

the offense got stagnant when STAT came back also Melo's knee got injured and he wasn't moving the same

we're replacing 7 players

Kidd- Pablo and Beno are both more athletic and wont fall apart in April/May, his leadership isn't needed anymore
Camby- didn't play
Novak- Bargs is better
Copeland- sucks on D, Hardaway can be that extra scorer
Thomas- will be missed but he's gone

who are the other 2, Quentin Richardson and Earl Barron

our core is still together thats all that matters

and Melo was shooting 46% in the playoffs until he tore his labrum

I mention 5-18 ha ha LOL

The 15 man roster we started the 2012-13 season with to the February deadline only 7 of those players remain for the 2013-14 season .. Ronnie Brewer's 26 mpg as a starter in the first 34 games of the season played a big role in our 23-11 record, we started playing .500 ball when Brewer minutes went down to 8 minutes per game, and Felton's fga went down to 6 shot attempts.

Amare & Camby return to the game the same week, and nothing was stagnate about their performance.
HC Woody substitution & rotation became ridiculous putting Camby & Tyson as starters making every lineup in the rotation a liability when Amare returned. Butt, the famous "Cheerios" put a stop to the Camby & Tyson starting lineup, which u didnt notice Camby was DNP after "CHEERIOS", and the first player traded at the end of the season.

If Melo started the postseason games shooting 46% .. Damn! Melo fell off bigtime because for the total 12 postseason games ISO-Melo have a 40% fg average, which mean Melo had to average 34% to 37% in the Pacers series (yeah yeah, he tore his Labrum and still played 40 mpg, while Copeland, Amare, and Camby was DNP LOL)...