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    RIP > Chris Smith

    I think we can all agree pretty much agree on that.

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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    Iverson winning spirit in the NBA went out the door when Iverson bust his chops to give the Denver Nuggets two 50 win season, to watch ISO-Melo, Klienza, and JR.smith play NO-DEFENSE in the postseason games. And the icing on the cake for Iverson was the Denver Nuggets organization rewarding the trio of NO-Defensive players, and then Denver trading the team highest scorer/assist (Iverson 27/7) and their highest rebounder/shotblocker (Camby 13/4) in the offseason.
    When Iverson signed with the Memphis Grizzles in the offseason, the sell of season tickets went off the chart, the highest the organization ever sold.
    During the preseason games Grizzles HC Hollins mention that Iverson will not be a STARTER when the regular season starts, Iverson packed his bags and asked for 3/4 settlement of his contract. Which Iverson received 66% of his contract in the settlement without playing a game. Which also meant retirement from the NBA. It's no different from Marbury taking his full $23M pay check for not playing a game for the Knicks .. Retirement from the NBA...

    but Iverson was in finals n even won 1 game while Nuggets allways were eliminated in 1st round in playoffs just once past 1st round even when they got better roster

    So if MELO will be still playing his ISO other player have to score which r non ISO dribbling is time waisting
    i dont care if MELo wont be top 5 in scoring winning is more important.

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