Haha this dude can't be serious. So now the training staff if in on iso melo and they tell amare he's injured when he isn't. Haha, it's his body if we wasn't hurt he would be the one to know and wouldn't accept that. I guess they hypnotized him into thinking he was hurt. Kiya you live around ny I believe so if I'm wrong my bad but anyway you're probably a yankees fan to, like myself. And did u not see how they were trying to make it seem like arod was hurt when he wasn't and the whole story was out. Well then if this complete asinine story had some plausibility to it then it would have been leaked already. And what happened with arod they are forced to play him because he's owed all that money whether they want to or not. Why would amare accept a minute restriction if we knew he was healthy. The man has pride come on wwe kiya. Top 3pf still, smh. I wish but he's not that anymore and I'm ok with that. As long as he is there. He represents what being a knick is all about.

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