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Haven't you been watching the NBA the last 7 years?

Bargnani is a bad defender, he's average at post defense, but that was recently.

He gets destroyed on the pick and roll.
He doesn't box out.
He doesn't defend the interior
He doesn't block shots or help defense.
He's not an intangibles or hustle player.

If length was an advantage, Tim Thomas and Keith Van Horn would've been fantastic defenders for the Knicks.

Being 7 foot doesn't make you good.
Barron averages .5 blocks per 36 minutes. He's a 7 foot guy who's 32 years old...he rebounds at a 9 RPG game rate...it's okay, Haddadi would be a superior option.
I agree with all of the bolded, however him being in Woodson's system will more than likely have some impact on his game defensively. I'm eager to see what this will be. That's all I was saying.

I didn't say being seven foot makes you good. I do think having two seven footers on the court at the same time can impact the other team's offense. Bargnani does have to do his part and play smart, pick up his rotations and use his length effectively in combo with Chandler for this to be the reality on court however. Bargs working with Woodson and Chandler for that matter makes this a possibility.