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    Looks like I ain't gonna make it to the next round... two of my best players are injured, not to mention that I should've upgraded my roster a bit before the playoffs.

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    Originally Posted by p0nder
    yeah fellas i'm back! I'm open to all trades and potential collusion to ensure your enemies don't make the playoffs. Hit me up!
    here I thought you were kidding... but you were not. making a mega-trade when you were out of the playoffs, and then not doing a thing with your lineup. that's just f*cked. trades are supposed to benefit both teams, not just one team. collusion is not cool.

    the question is, why did you make the trade?

    best of luck to all still playing after the first round of playoffs, I predict Soupastars vs Beef Helmets in the finals, with Soupastars winning the whole damn thing, but each and every week is a crapshoot depending on whose team is healthy and who has the better schedule. I'm happy to make the playoffs after inheriting a 2-10 team, losing to the mighty Beef Helmets in the first round of playoffs, but also happy to have beaten almost every team, including the Helmets in previous weeks. I blame Tyson Chandler's personal days for my final regular season fantasy loss against Soups...

    if anyone wants to rate their managers, you can do so here:
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