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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Wow. I remember the dark days when everything about this franchise was unprofessional. I am not surprised one bit, Knicks haven't been a winning franchise and it starts with it's organization and their personnel staff. The culture in MSG stinks and had created a losing environment where the only winning that happens is when the Knicks add a "talented" player to a cluttered roster without addressing any team weaknesses. Forever losing.

    Nothing has changed....

    We gave Amar'e all the money he was entitled to($100mil) when the Phx Suns only wanted to give him 4yrs of guaranteed money at $73mil or thereabouts. Phx Suns probably has the best medical staff in all of sports. They of all teams would know the state of Amar'e going forward and they were right on the money.

    We gave Felton a raise after he had a tumultuous yr in Portland where he ballooned to Michellin levels, while also trading rights to recently drafted prospects and letting Lin go for nothing.

    We gave Marcus Camby a multi-yr deal at essentially the same money he was making previous season, after he finished the season with Rockets playing not at 100%.

    We gave J.R. Smith all the money he was entitled to this off-season after knowing he would need knee surgery after shredding his knee during the playoffs or shortly prior to. This after he had one of the most disastrous post-seasons on and off the court essentially costing us a series.

    Would have paid Lin had he not pissed Dolan off and he had a similar injury to J.R. Smith.

    We're looking at extending Melo near $25mil/per season for the next 4yrs when he recently admitted he played end of the yr and post-season with torn rotator cuff and torn labrum...opting not to have surgery letting those injuries heal on their own. Nevermind the fact his FGA output increased tremendously at season's end chasing a scoring title and increased overall during the playoffs.

    Fans want to applaud him for playing as a martyr during the playoffs battered and injured although refusing to pass and want to applaud him for passing during the first game of a meaningless preseason game.(rolling eyes...can't have it both ways)

    I wonder what will happen if he re-aggravates it or if we struggle during the season.... what he decides to do at season's end after he gets his money?

    I want anyone, whether you're an extreme die hard or simply a casual fan.... show me what franchise operates this way.
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