Not biggest thing ever but Knicks have opted to keep Woodson's contract thru the 2014-2015 season. Now this doesn't guarantee job safety if he doesn't have a strong year with the club, but seems as though it may be a bit of a public show of support from Mills. Timing wise, Mills just came aboard and it was speculated Woodson would have less support with him than Grunwald, don't think this is much to read into, but intelligent as camp starts to look confident and unified, don't think starting off with a question of coach being on hot seat is good, so I like this move. Again, I'm mixed on Woodson, but having fewer concerns beyond just trying to win games is good, and it's easy to find flaws in people but who would replace Woodson in the near future that is necessarily less flawed? Just saying we want a guy like Phil Jackson means little unless we had someone we loved ready to put pen to paper. Let's also not forget how big Larry Brown was expected to be for the franchise. So, go Woody, go Knicks