Woody seems to be a good motivator, and gets players to play hard for him. I love what he's done with JR, and the turnaround after D'Antoni left is really indicative of this. But I don't think he's a great X's and O's guy - especially offensively. The offense he runs is very unimaginative and really doesn't require much teamwork. Too basic, and good teams can shut it down. Also, he's stubborn when it comes to minutes allocation, and especially with his preference for veterans. People were calling for more Prigioni very early on in the season, but he kept playing Kidd 30 mpg until he was run into the ground. Then he's forced to go to Prigioni, and lo and behold, he played great to finish out the season. I think Woodson has been a great coach to turn the Knicks from bad to good, but I'm not so sure he's the guy who can coach a true contender.