Sorry to be excited for this, but glad we're getting closer to seeing Knicks bball. Figured I'd create a thread for people to discuss training camp news as it comes out, and anything funny/interesting from Media Say which begins in 30 min. I'm hoping for a healthy camp and preseason from our guys! The news that Stoudemire had another minor knee surgery this summer is troubling, but let's hope he makes it to the Bcats opener still healthy, I know it's easy to write him off, but I think we need to be able to get some positive performance from him. Also interested to see if any camp invites make the team, as is I like Leslie to keep roster spot as well as Jeremy Tyler despite being injured, I think they are good emergency depth young guys that have upside. With Felton, Prigs, Udrih, Shump, JR, Tim H, Melo, MWP, Stat, Bargs, Chandler, Kmart, and those 2, if we elected to not leave a roster spot open (which we may do to get a released vet at some point again) we could bring in 1 more, of course this changes if my assumptions are wrong on Leslie or Tyler. Out of guys we have for a look, I am interested in Toure Murray but not sure how he gets much court time, albeit a 15th man that should be true. I am also interested in Diogu, he's played some NBA rotation minutes in the past, and I'm interested in Aldrich. Idea is to let them sort it obviously but I'd lean towards Aldrich as I think bigs can be crucial, if Chandler goes down we need big bodies. With Shump and Jr playing some 3 I don't see Diogu doing as much, and if Felton went down you still have Udrih and Prigs and all the 2s could log emergency pg mins if needed, I see Center being the need for depth, especially with Kmart, Bargs and Stat health issues and Tyler temp shelved