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    Looks like Chandler agreed with my thread about training with Hakeem was a waste of time. Seems he declined Hakeem's camp in the summer to work on a 15ft jumper and hook shot all summer.

    Last season, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] took 362 shots inside 5 feet of the rim (hitting 66.3 percent) and 38 shots from outside 5 feet (hitting 39.5 percent). The man is not a jump shooter.
    Chandler is a smart veteran now however and he sees which way the game is evolving — big men who can step out and knock down a midrange jumper to help space the floor have great value.
    So Chandler spent a chunk of his summer working on his jump shot, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]:
    Chandler has worked on the jumper all offseason. He declined to attend Hakeem Olajuwon’s big man camp, feeling the jumper is more important in the modern-day game than scoring in the post. “I think it can be deadly,” he said. “If you can knock down that mid-range jump shot, it exploits a lot of bigs, makes them come away from the basket where they’re not comfortable.”
    Very true, it pulls a big away from protecting the rim. Something Chandler knows about all too well.
    Teams are going to let Chandler have a face up jumper from the elbow relatively uncontested until he shows he can make it regularly, but if he can it will tweak how teams defend the Knicks.
    That said, this is not going to be some major weapon for the Knicks — Chandler is very good on the roll and he should do that mostly off the pick, not pop. If Chandler takes one midrange jumper a game, that’s about max. If you’re trying to get the most efficient offensive shot you can, Chandler from the midrange is never going to be it.
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