Former college teammate of Derrick Rose who actually was a better player in Memphis than Rose...I wanted this guy as an additional pick in that draft when Walsh took the helm. Boy looking back at that draft still ticks me off to this day.

Chris Douglas Roberts that is...another guy who needs the ball in his hands mind you. Has some talent but on this team and as chaotic as we play he'll be nothing but a A-Grade Chucker on this squad.

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I guess acquiring him now is a low risk high reward potential move(although I feel it's extremely slim we get any reward).

What I don't like about the acquisitions along with others we've made.... they don't spell really any direction. It appears we're amassing as much a Motley Crue and Myriad of Misfitted Castoffs with no chance of making a difference.

So in agent additions with exception to Beno and Metta that weren't our own per say except Smith...

Ike Diogu
Cole Aldrich
Jeremy Tyler
Toure Murry
Chris Smith

All of these guys either make peanuts or have non guaranteed deals so I don't see how they will help facilitate trades and none of these guys will receive any significant playing time unless we have serious injuries to players keeping them out much longer than expected or our other talent not being as good as some of us feel the packaged advertisement suggest