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    Originally Posted by tiger0330
    Didn't watch the game but according to the boxscore the Knicks need to sign Ike and cut Bargnani. I guess Bargs played the 5 when he was in, I could have told Woody that wouldn't work. He must be shooting less than 30% in the pre-season though I haven't looked.

    Well if you would have read my post in this thread you would have figured out why Bargs played center. He was having an extremely difficult time guarding Sullinger and another big I forget who and was despicable on the boards. So Woody was forced to match up, he put Ike on Sully and whoever was an offensive threat down low while also looking for rebounding presence.

    I though one of the biggest reasons and justifications trading for Bargs was because he was the mismatch nightmare?

    But hey Melo told us B is good and those 2 playing together was almost near seamless.(rolling eyes)
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