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True dat about the players. I know if we can move the ball around for more open shots, and not be so predictable on offense, we'd look a lot better. Defensively, i think we all know where we stand there. My guess closing out games, we have to go with Tyson-Melo-Shump-Metta and Prigs
Shump & Prigs are on the same-page on defensive-end, the two are not isolation-players they have to become more creative for one another on offense this season, other than throw the ball to Felton, JR, or Melo to create a isolation play.

Kenyon Martin is our best CLOSER and crunchtime defensive player on the roster.
HC Woody will have to let Tyson & K-Mart get playingtime together to build some kind of same-page chemistry in our frontline if we plan on winning. Especially after the poor performance our frontline gave us in all 12 postseason games
(I didnt Forget!).
When Meta see "Tyson & K-Mart" mixing together in the same lineup with effort to win game after game, thats when Meta performance become our extra 3rd leg for the win (Invaluable).
If HC Woody dont start the season building chemistry with Tyson & K-Mart in the same lineup ..
And building chemistry with Prig & Shump in the same lineup ..
Then expect the unexpected from this team. It's Woody's call...