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What I'm hoping for, this turns into an ugly Lin/Dolan pissing match and Dolan gets offended by Melo's hunger for money somehow some way.

Does anyone one of you Melo lovers want to calculate not only Melo's albatross future contract yr-to-yr but the Tax ramifications for the Knicks for the 2014-2015 season?

How's everyone liking that Brags trade now?

This isn't going to end well folks....
It's the preseason, way to early to guage the bargs trade. Steveel Francis had 40 in a pre season game with us and didn't have any production that season. It doesn't mean much. We're not paying the tax ramifications so what's the deal deal. We're still gonna get players l, if we have melo and no draft picks how do we re build

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