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Am I the only one on here that wants him gone? I said it when we traded for him that it was a huge mistake and guess what it was.The guy has done NOTHING since he got here and will do nothing for the rest of his career.Yes he has all the talent in the world but whats talent worth when you don't win any rings? He plays no defense,plays no team ball, and shoots way to much for this team to even think about having chemistry on the court. This team would have been better if we kept the players we had before the trade with all of our draft picks. I for one cannot wait till he leaves New York.

I too .. wanted to stay far from the chaotic Melo-Trade (he wanted out of a team that took him to the conference-finals).

Metro .. was right in his comment on Knicks could not afford to give Melo such a high salary extended contract at that age (a couple of season injuries), while having NO draft picks to build around him. We will have to depend on the FA market throughout Melo's new contract. Plus Melo's career had several All-Star teammates that Melo's style of play could never mesh or gell with for 10 straight years. Melo is a high scoring lockerroom cancer.

Surprise suprise .. we could determine if Melo is a KEEPER a week before the 2014 February trading-deadline, by what our record look like. Injuries doesnt matter .. If our record dont look like a contender teams record then TRADE-TRADE-TRADE Melo quickly in February.
Surprise suprise Melo!!!