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The Knicks need to build a winning culture and you do not do that by signing a dudes brother when he is not deserving.....You do not reward JR who has been such a selfish and disrespectful teamate and has pissed on the Knicks organization...

We got the 6th man on the cheap ??????????NOBODY NOT A SINGLE TEAM OFFERED HIM A CONTRACT FOR ANY MONEY........NO TEAM OFFERED A DEAL.....say that 20 times to yourself and just maybe you will realize we DID NOT GET HIM ON THE CHEAP.

BTW........yes we made some good moves considering we had very little to work with BUT again not another Franchise in history would reward a player by signing his brother who has pissed on the organization.....Late night partying during the playoffs followed by a 5 game suspension....LETS SIGN HIS BROTHER....its just DUMB