Mike Breen asked Clyde a couple times during games "What did he think of Bargnani". Clyde said he was sporadic. Sporadic he was in the preseason, not the shooter his rep said he was, terrible from 3 pt range and a so so jump shot and no post game to speak of. Best part of his game was putting it on the floor and drawing fouls, he is a terrific FT shooter. Terrible rebounder and will never get better, has no explosion going up for the ball and even an explosive wing is going to beat him to a rebound even though he's 7 ft. He did use his size to block some shots and that's the best part of his defense.

We got a good look at him in the preseason and his play to me is more fitted to an off the bench role player than the starting PF. I would rather start Melo at the 4 and MWP rather than having Bargs start. Bargs as a starter? other lineups?