Saturday 26 Oct., the Knicks Brass had some clown in the front-office announce that Amare & K-Mart will be alternating games ....
And I thought HC Woodson was a IDIOT in the Knicks vs Pacers postseason series for not giving a healthy Amare, K-Mart, and Camby playingtime with Tyson Chandler in the series .. when its the Knicks Brass calling the shots on substitute coaching. LOL

The Knicks 2013-14 roster have 3 great chemistry veteran players in Amare, Kenyon Martin, and Meta World Peace.
Seperating the best "MESHING" veteran players on a Knicks team that hasnt showed any team chemistry in the preseason, postseason, or the "one on one" 54 win season. Has made the Knicks a struggling .500 reg-season team.

I will not be suprise this season if Knicks players scratch them selves on the bench, and say they are to injured to play.
MSG paid billions in renorvations for Ranger fans and tourist, the real NBA Basketball fans will be at Barkley Center in Brooklyn.