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You should be. Coach Woodson is still showing his propensity to play guys out of position.

We can't win with this alternating line up sh!t. Once again coach had Shump at the 3; Melo at the 4; and did his best D'Antoni impersonation with a 3 guard line up.

Yes Coach STILL has not set a line up and rotation. I waited last year listening to excuse after excuse to why our line up was not set and players being out of position and here we go...

Coach didn't even use 1 set line up in PRESEASON.Lol he still needs time to evaluate.smh
I think Coach Woodson will be all over the place to start....Seems best to have either Felton or Pablo in the game at all times. Someone also needs to tell Chandler that after he dunks to run back on defenseand not celebrate his dunk.....Watching Hardaway on the bench waiving his hans hands for the crowd to get up when we took an 81-80 lead was funny....Knicks were up by 24 he doesnt know NY well.....lucky there were not boo's....Bargiani loos beaten....hope he bounces back because at 7 feet he does get alot of open looks...Poor Stat