3 Games on the bill tonight...

Magic vs Pacers

Bulls vs Heat

Clippers vs Lakers

Paul George is continuing where he left off, which is the 3rd best small forward in the NBA. I felt he proved this last year, actually very early. Man this guy is going to be special. Pacers are really deep and well coached.

Orlando has lots of good young talent if they can get 1 more key piece in the draft they are going to be a major problem by next year.

Unless Derrick Rose starts playing more like a point guard instead of a two guard The Bulls won't be able to get past the hump.

As fas as the East and West breakdown...I'm going with

Eastern Conference

1. Pacers
2. Nets
3. Heat
4. Bulls
5. Cavs
6. Knicks
7. Pistons
8. Bucks

Western Conference

1. Spurs
2. Rockets
3. Clippers
4. OKC
5. Warriors
6. Nuggets
7. Grizzlies
8. Pelicans