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I dunno, Beno came into camp weight-weight outta-shape ..
I would give Beno 3 weeks workin-out with the team before givin him steady playintime
Murry should be givin spot-minutes at PG.
Beno got much better despite maybe not being in top shape, but three weeks isn't bad. I still think he shouldn't not be played though.

I'm all for Murry getting spot minutes. I was impressed with his versatility. One or more of the Knicks commentators was saying he brought the D too which I didn't notice/see, so even more reason to give him a little time.

I like the guards the Knicks have. No complaints whatsoever. Woodson didn't make use of the big men he had last year, hopefully he makes use of the guards, especially since unlike some of the big men last season these guards are healthy and young (even Prigioni is young comparably to others his age because of his low NBA mileage and he takes care of his body very well).