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You don't like Woodson. I get it. But do you really think a new coach with a new philosophy is the answer? Will this team with it's current personnel go deeper in the playoffs if we simply replace Woodson?
Considering the lack of respect Woodson has for defense and how he doesn't punish players for sagging, switching or playing lazy on the perimeter and in the paint but he will PUNISH someone for taking a bad shot or making the wrong pass...he's too offense oriented.

The best teams in the NBA evolve defensively till they reach max potential and work on their offense from there.

Spurs and Miami are examples, Chicago is trying to become that kind of team and Indiana is becoming more offensive minded since their defense is so consistent.

We will never have a consistent defense under Mike Woodson, he doesn't keep a firm grip on the team and lets them do whatever they want on defense. It's no different from D'Antoni.

Watching these guys and seeing professionals like Chandler have to guard point guards and Felton having to guard small forwards just shows how seriously these guys take their defense. Chandler can be great at defending the paint, but the past year he's been a former shell of himself. It doesn't help when you have guys like Felton allowing every guard on a NBA roster get to the paint for free or dominate himself on the P&R