Yes I've seen enough.

1. Combine this list of players who I have no confidence in from a defensive standpoint:
Felton, Bargnani, Stat

2. This list of players I have no confidence in offensively:
Prigioni, MWP, Felton, Tyson "I can believe his hands are butter" Chandler

add a little...

3. Streaky hit or miss players like:
Melo, Shump, JR, THJ, Udrith

sprinkle in a few role-players who make no difference here nor there

and a dash of...
4. A coach with
no identity; a propensity to constantly shift a line-up, and play everyone out of position; and a touch of that ol' MDA famous flavor "IF YOU'RE OPEN SHOOT IT" & "WHEN THE SHOTS GO IN, WHO NEEDS A REBOUNDER"

and there you have it...

an unmitigated disaster. F-U-B-A-R if you will.

We may have the occasional winning streak, but this is going nowhere fast. I do like Tim Hardaway though. Its nice to see talented youth that coach will undoubtedly ruin or not realize his potential.

Call me when the TDL reaches. Maybe we'll get a rebounder/defender/or even a leader.
Finally... Shump is our only hope of even competing and coach will nullify his contribution by playing him at the 3. If by a miracle Shump becomes D Wade light, maybe we can make some playoff noise.