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Lebron? aint gonna happen i simply dont believe this

if this happen than can be

Knicks as Lebron team
Lebron is way better defender
STAT dont play D

MELO STAT was never working and never will be they won just few game
STAT needed allways some parnter like Nash

once they even swept Spurs but then lost to Lakers.

personaly i would go for Wade than Lebron if u could choose which one

Labron is still gains h8terz
if amare wants to play so bad the Knicks should play him 30 minutes a night......either he will shine or get injured.....its a win win....and of course I hope he shines but if the man cannot withstand 30 minutes of bball then he should retire....Amare is in incredible shape and I commend him for that but crap knees are crap knees...