Maybe instead of getting rid of Woodson the GM should provide him with personnel that would fit well into his system? Let's be honest, Woodson is not out there playing and judging by his in-game reactions I can tell he's more than unhappy with how these Knicks are trying to implement his game plans. Players with non-existent defensive skills will never fit well into Woody's system. If you provide Woodson with players like Bargnani or Hardaway you can't expect it to work. As of now three out of five players in the starting lineup don't have the word "defense" in their dictionaries. We also don't have a reliable power forward and a backup center. Instead we have a 6'11 PF/C on a $20M/year contract with minutes restriction becuase he's got the knees of a 70 years old. We also have a soon to be 36 years old 6'9 PF who could contribute on the defensive end, but is also on minutes restriction. And last but not least we've got a 7' center who just grabbed one single rebound in 26 minutes of playing time. And now tell me how is this Woody's fault?