Dolan guarantees a win in Atlanta.

#Knicks owner James Dolan, performing at a JD & the Straight Shots Show, says, "We're going to win the next game. That's a guarantee."

"Thanks to the Rangers, who brought me a win," Dolan said. "Unfortunately, the basketball [team] couldn't do it today. We're going to win the next game, that's a guarantee."

Knicks @ Atlanta (woodson old team)
Nationally televised game (ESPN)
Ultimatum delivered to Woodson. "Win. Or else."

Dolan doesn't know whether or not we will win the game. He just knows he delivered his ultimatum and if we lose he will feel justified in doing well... whatever it is he wants to do.

This is not a good sign .. What do Dolan know about the 4-3 Atlanta Hawks?
PG-Jeff Teague is lighting it up in his 5th season in the NBA .. 17 pt, 10 ast, 3 rb, 1 st, and 3 turnovers in 34 mpg.
Teague got the Hawks passing-game up to 30 assist a game, and Al Horford & Milsap are rebounding hard on both cylinders for 40 boards a game. And the Hawks bench is adding 20 points per game.
On Wednesday Nov. 13 in Atlanta it will be the challenge of the new HC vs old HC .... poor poor Woodson