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@Kiya: Dolan may not be a great basketball mind, but he's a businesman. He already invested (often without any revenue) hundreds of millions of dollars over the past decade in this joke of a team. Do you really think he'd be keen on to blow it all up and lose another dozens of millions? Let's start with getting rid of Woodson (whose option the Knicks just exercised BTW), such move would cost Dolan around $6M (maybe even more). And then he'd have to hire another coach whom he'd have to pay a couple of millions a year. What's next? We let Anthony go or trade him wherever for some value and picks. Then we'd have to trade Chandler (again for some value and picks). And so we got down to Amare Stoudemire, who the Knicks owe $44M through 2014/15. He's untradable, so basically Dolan would have to buy him out (we are talking about $44M!) and still his remaining salary would remain on the books (so, no additional cap space). And then we have Bargnani, who still got around $23M left on his contract. He's as untradable as Amare, so what? Is Dolan going to buy him out too? We could trade Felton and Smith and keep our low salary players. Which means that after this season we'd stay with $41M in salary stuck in three players (+ what we'd get in exchange for Melo/Chandler/Felton/Smith which would also involve a lot of cap space). It just doesn't make sense to tank. We don't have the tools to rebuild. Period.

u are absolutely right, it doesnt make since for Dolan to TANK a season with a expensive roster of players already TANKING the season "Tyson/Amare/Barg/K-Mart/ISO-Melo/Meta/JR/Shump/Prig/Felton" .. We are 1-3 at home, with a 2-4 record (playing one on one b.ball).
That's the start of a TANKING season for a mediocre Lottery team .. Our expensive-players has not showed any reason to be optimistic bout this Knicks team.

u said it ur self, "Dolan may not be a great basketball mind, but he's a businesman.".
And a businesman know bout odds, and first impressions.

The 2013-14 Knicks first impression in just 6 games are not something a bright businesman would invest in, or gamble on. Especially, when the teams star highest scorer is opting-out at the end of the season.
Which makes Dolan an unhappy camper. Dolan's recent action and comments are weighing this Knicks team.
Firing Woodson is no problem when u have a 11 year top-assistant coach in Herb Williams waiting for his oportunity to be HC.
Trading 3 to 4 of any of the expensive players on our roster are not a hard task for businesman Jim Dolan.