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Thread: Kurt Thomas

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    This is in regards to alphas post there....the only reason I said Jim Jackson was so we could pull off the trade....would you rather have Tim Thomas an inconsistent 12 million dollar problem or Jim Jackson a consistent 6 million dollar problem? It was just an option plus wed get magloire. and I totally agree trade em while his values high, but thats what we are trying to think of for who and please PLEASE dont say WallyWorld....

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    And you said it another post man, that TIM JUST SUCKS. Itd be nice to get rid of Tim for someone better but what is the odds of doing that with just Tim as the bait????? Not until next year is that possible AT ALL. Jalen Rose? Yea that would be VERY nice BUT the raptors wouldnt accept a trade with Penny and Tim for Vince Carter (and that would of saved them the money theyd like for the offseason and the bait to dangle with) AND what makes anyone think theyll accept a trade with TIM THOMAS for JALEN ROSE one for one? I wish but its not logical.
    It is logically b/c Toronto wants Rose out and we want Tim out, simple as that, also it is stupid to trade Kurt unless you get a post prescence.....
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    Never said to include Kurt in a Jalen Rose trade and im saying that even if they want Jalen Rose out SO BAD maybe they are smart enough to relalize they will win more games with him then Tim Thomas. So for them it's not all around logical.

    I say if you want the Jalen Rose trade to go through and so do they....why not Tim and Kurt Thomas....FOR Jalen Rose and Donyell Marshall???

    C Nazr Mohammed
    PF Donyell Marshall
    SF Jalen Rose
    SG Jamal Crawford
    PG Stephon Marbury

    C Chris Bosh
    PF Kurt Thomas
    SF Tim Thomas
    SG Morris Peterson
    PG Rafer Alston

    Works for both they want to get rid of Rose, we want to get rid of Tim, Marshalls name has been heard in some rumors, and FOR SOME REASON Kurts has been too (maybe not a favorite of Isiahs) Once again Im saying I like Kurt! But for some reason Isiah wants to trade him. This trade would benefit us and the other team. I like it and its the best option ive heard SO FAR compared to Wallyworld...opinion?

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