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    Originally Posted by jimkcchief88
    C'mon y'all a win is a win no asterisk give this team time to gel
    I agree you have to give it some time. JR is just coming back, Bargnani has shown flashes, Hardaway needs some more NBA run.

    It could be worse you could be a Nets fan seeing your team getting stomped on by a terrible SacTown team instead of beating a .500 Hawks squad.

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    Was it just me or did the team look better with Prigioni and K-Mart in? Neither are scoring machines, but they know how to move the ball. I love Metta too.

    I like that Shump not only wasn't bothered by the trade rumors, he had a career high in 9 assists. Shortly before the game the though the thought of him starting at PG came to my mind because of J.R. starting and that didn't sound good. I was proven wrong lol. Seriously, nice game from Shump.

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    D is better when Felton is on bench

    but MELO playing style is horrible

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