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There's three reasons why we should have a 7-2 or 5-4 record ....
1) our expensive roster of veterans
2) our light schedule
3) 5 games at HOME

There's one reason why we have a 3-6 record ....
1) Mike Woodson's flawed coaching

Tonite we got beat again by our oponents bench scoring .. 43 to 26
Our bench-players has become 5 minute spot-players in different lineups.
Woodson has not showed any confidence in putting a all bench-lineup on the court.
Our 5 starters
got outscored on again in the 3rd qtr.

When Tyson Chandler got injured, and the medical results came back that Tyson will miss the next 4 to 6 weeks (20 games) ..
the so-call bullshiii LIMITATION on Amare & K-Mart shouldve been lifted imediately so the two bigmen could create their own 18 to 24 minute lineup with Prig, THJ, and Meta. If these 5 bench-players knew before each game they were going to be on the court in the same lineup for 8 to 10 straight minutes they wouldve been MESHING already.

Woodson has created the opposite of a bench........He actually has words with Prig;s last night on a blown defensive coverage.......I assume he expects more from Prig's but its just Woodsons styles as he leaves Felton and JR alone......He has lost this team.....How can you respect a coach that does not hold his inner circle of players accountable.......Just wait until he takes JR out of the starting line-up and if JR stays cold just wait to JR's minutes are reduced.....should be some locker room.........and Whats the story with the Metta Injury ? did we think we could blow out Atlanta so Chris smith can put on a uniform ?