This is the official movement for Knick fans who believe Knicks can win a title with Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo has the worst supporting cast in the NBA right now. Bottom level PG, injury prone average center. C level big men and C level SG's with a coach who doesn't emphasize defense(man to man and defending the pick and roll) and ball movement.

With a quality PG (Ty Lawson-Kemba Walker level) and quality center (Larry Sanders/Splitter level) the game will be alot easier for Melo.

Melo has done a great job picking up the slack by banging the boards and playing post defense

We saw him do that last year by guarding the likes of Marc Gasol, Taj Gibson and even Dwight Howard early in the 2012-13 season playing the PF position.

We need the right personal for Anthony.

LeBron has a defensive PG like Chalmers who can hit the open 3.
Chris Paul has a Griffin/Jordan frontcourt.
Even Anthony Davis has a quality backcourt in Holliday/Gordon/Evans with Ryan Anderson and Jason Smith to stretch out the floor at the 4/5.

Melo doesn't have these assets.

We can't blame Melo, our front office failed in the Melo trade...couldn't we have gotten Melo in the free agency?

The main culprits of the Knicks failing fall on the inability of these men to be GOOD at what they do, they're average at best.
Those men are:
Mike Woodson
Earl Smith III
Raymond Felton

Injury prone big men such as Stoudemire and Chandler, need to be exchanged as soon as possible. The miles on Chandler are limited and his career will come to a quick end soon because he started NBA ball at 17 years old, been in the league for almost 15 years and at 7"1 with his weak legs he won't be able to absorb that much NBA contact.

Chandler is a good rebounder and has great length to contest and disrupt shots. So does Camby. These type of centers can never stay healthy and Chandler will enter that stage in his career he'll be lucky to play 50 games in a season.

Holding on to Chandler as if he's capable of giving us more than 60 games in a season is foolish and will kill us. Trade him to a team that needs a part time center who can play limited minutes. Let us accept whatever we can in return.

We can rebuild this team within one season. We have cap space in 2015. We could be contenders by 2015-16.

We can do it under Melo. If he really wants to be a Knick, he'll understand we need to clear cap space and get a chance in the 2015 market.