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You know what sucks? That even if we pull a W out of this one it'd come with so much effort against a team that we should beat pretty much effortless.
NBA is a guard league. I would take Eric Gordon, Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans over any guard we have on our roster. So, the 3 best guards in this game belong to NO. Toss in Ryan Anderson matching 'Melo's offensive production... Then sprinkle in another 4th quarter collpase (Melo missing shots, JR Smith and Felton with turnovers, Smith chucking brick threes)... and here comes yet another home loss.

At this point, you cannot say we are better than any team we step on the court against... unless we move to the ACC.

Again... this team just cannot do the math: 1 three-pointer every 5 possesions equals 3 points. 3 two-point shots every three possesions equals 6 points. I just laugh when we get desperate and start chucking threes. NObody but the rookie can shoot the 3... so why would it behoove our hopes to comeback when we start bombing away? WORK hard and get a HIGH % shot!