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    As I watched the game Barkely made some good points. The Knicks are better when the ball is moving. A lot of posters mad this point here a while back. Melo slows things down and stagnates the offense. There needs to be a little give and take. Knicks can't play ISO ball for every possession.

    I think Woodson is doing his best to keep the team together. He may be afraid to tell Melo the truth, which is he needs to alter his game for the sake of the team. He may be taking the path of least resistance to keep the players on his side. If Melo gets pissy he'll quit on Woody the way he quit on D'Antoni. Not saying this path of least resistance theory is right, just an observation.

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    Keer said Knicks killed Nets key 3s

    Will Nets b better when Williams Pierce b back?

    Piecer is average 4-5/15 each game but Williams got some hormons treatment during his injury time i didnt know that
    and some ppl said that he will be more often injure and he is 29 .

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    Originally Posted by groundpilot
    I heard it too. It was Barkley who said it. He may be right. Chicago may have to say something about it, but with Chandler back, we have a chance. It all depends on Felton. We go as he goes. Also, we have to play hard and share the ball like tonight, every game. Not only when the game is televised on TNT or ESPN.

    Barkley said it .. meaning the 3rd best team in the East is a .500 team, as if the East is full of D.League teams.
    Barkley also mention D.League Murry must feel like its a family reunion when given playingtime

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