woodson loves to act like he's some great coach, but clearly what he's saying isn't getting through to the players. the players play knowing they won't be punished for their play by sitting on the bench for awhile. it's absurd that this team constantly plays no defense and makes no effort a lot of nights, but the same players get minutes. tour'e and cole need to at least get some important minutes to see what they can do. it's also absurd this guy is claiming to be a defensive minded coach. making stupid faces at players and benching the wrong players, doesn't show me your commitment to defense.

lastly, i'm 100% confident that a lot of players on this team want woodson to be the coach because they're comfortable with him there, and if another guy comes in they may not get the same leeway woodson gives them. for most of these guys to win, they need a coach who isn't gonna be their best friend which is basically what woodson is.