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    Nyk Logo 20 games into season to become Top-3 LOSER team ....

    20 games into season to become a Top-3 LOSER Team.
    Dolan would act fast if we posted signs of Knicks game seats should be reduce to half-price. LMAO
    We are paying the high prices for seats of a 50 win team .... which is a Top 10 winning team.
    What should be the seats price of a 2-8 Knicks team at MSG .. my co-workers say less than half.

    Casting the Blame-Game on Felton, or JR.smith, or Shump, or Amare, or a missing Tyson Chandler is not going to bring any chemistry to a team that perform 19 games without one full practice.
    Knicks scouting-report ....
    We all know the precise offensive-play we run consistently, and we all know the precise man on man defensive play we use that oponents screens/picks turn our defense into 4 defenders vs 5 players consistently.

    We could play the Blame-Game on captain Carmelo, or HC Woodson, or owner Dolan for letting this same-system-plan go on and on to repeat itself from the opening of the 2011 season to the opening of the 2013 season, which became uninvitable to happen 5-14 record.
    We seen the upgrade within the past 2 yrs in top contenders in the EC to the Heat, Pacers, and Bulls, plus the 2 yr upgrades to the top contenders in the WC to the Spurs, Clippers, Rockets, OKC, and Blazers.

    What is ur observation of what we didnt do to upgrade our Knicks team in the past 2 yrs?
    What did we do wrong to deserve a 5-14 record (.263)?
    ur opinion are needed, ur solution are needed, and a 10-1 run is needed to become a .500 team

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    We never answered our PG problem. I think Lin is a lot better than Felton, Lin plays defense. Offensively Lin is awkward with Melo but I just rather have Lin on the roster.

    Chandler wasn't enough, Amare was declining and we tried to ignore it.

    as fans, we ignore too many things when we're winning at the moment and don't realize how much it'll hurt us in the future.

    JR Smith resigning, trading for Bargnani, not trading Felton, not trying to convince Amare to retire, talking to Melo and let him know we need 2-3 more seasons to be a real team.

    We just ignored all these things and we're now a bottom 3 NBA team.

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    i will w8 for Tyson back maybe for OKC Xmas day he is rebounder and defender

    I still see Tyson Bargniani and MELO in S5 but not woodson he still see slump Felton and JR.

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