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    Originally Posted by 3G4G
    According to Wojo Dolan is so paranoid by Masai he probably isn't capable of getting any deals done going forward. This is what happens when you always make a habit of overpaying…. teams will always demand you overpay. At the same time this organization needs to be capable of getting deals done. Oh and if he clearly felt he won the Carmelo trade, then he wouldn't and shouldn't care about public perception….because really if that's the case why is Woodson still coaching this team and why did he rehire Mills? Talk about shook

    Kyle Lowry's stock is rising…..meanwhile everyone is safe on our team as we had a chance to gain ground…2gms, but since trade talks broke down with the owner taking his ball home going away with a temper tantrum we've lost ground.

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    and Lowry was 2 rebs from triple double when last time any Knicks PG has been close to triple double LOL

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