During the New York Knicks victory over the Chicago Bulls, head coach Mike Woodson chided Smith for his poor shot selection, according to the New York Daily News[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Frank Isola. Never one to shy away from confrontation, Smith reportedly had some words of his own for Woodson

According to a team source, Woodson admonished Smith for poor shot selection during the Bulls game and then became upset over something Smith said on the bench. Woodson waited until after the game to express his disappointment with Smithís attitude and reminded the volatile shooting guard that heís been his strongest advocate for the past two seasons."Mike said that after all Iíve done for you I canít have you talking back to me like that," the source claimed. The same source added that Smith made a lewd comment that angered Woodson.
Good move, Swish. Argue with Coach Woody after he's defended you more than anyone else these last two seasons. Good move.
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

I've got nothing to say other than JR needs to go.