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    I'm officially done with all players on this team not named Melo, THJ and Pablo.

    Felton should be our third string PG at this point. Although Beno can't guard anyone Felton is also horrid plus his shot is **** this season. At least Beno hits a shot once in a while.

    Shump seems to be too mentally weak to last in this city. Dude is str8 scared of his own shadow at this point and needs to leave NY in order to find his game again. How and to where idk.

    Like Metro said… JR just doesn't take his career seriously therefore on his way to a "where is he now?" profile.

    No one else really deserves a further break down since we all watch these games.

    I go to the games now to flirt with my cute waitress. **** the games.

    …. and when it comes to Woodson I just don't think they want to fire him till after the holidays. Sucks to get fired right before Christmas.
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