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    Default How is this an NBA team?

    A lot of players dedicate their lives trying to make it to the NBA. They play all four years in college, go overseas, make huge sacrifices, all for the hopes of living their dream. How is the league they're trying to get in have a team that plays this way? How is the league they're trying to get in have this team not being far out of a Playoff spot?

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    Management doesn't care to address our weaknesses.

    Bobcats were a bad defensive team last season.

    This season they've been top in the East.

    Not only the Knicks haven' address their weaknesses, they've leveled down a lot in every component.

    I knew in the summer this team wouldn't be good, but

    I didn't think they would be this bad.

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    Ok, the question is what to do??!!! when everybody is playing bad I don't think it is a player fault anymore, and even if Woodson is a good coach, obviously he is not doing a good job here, what are we waiting for?? a miracle? what else we are waiting for? I am really really not interested in watching the games anymore, it is frustrating... really, you feel bad the whole day.

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    How can our management, in particular Dolan, say that no changes will be made? What are we waiting for honestly? This team won't get better by the course of time. If we would have atleast a few picks i could live with how we are playing.

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    every one suck in this team

    STAT = mistake

    JR = traded brains with horse

    SHUMP simply terrible check his stats last 15 games

    TYSON is worst from all big

    BARGNIANI dont play transision

    FELTON is ballhogger

    MWP is on very limited mins mainly blame woodson

    only Knicks which are trying something r Pablo MELO and TH JR

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