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    Video Knicks Fast Break Predicament - last in NBA @ 7.7 per

    So we're dead ass last (as it says in the video's intro) in fast break points per game @ 7.7 per. We're at 26th in PPG @ 95.3 per. If we were to average just 6 fast break points, as a reasonable example, per game (setting a new, higher PPG total of 101.3) we'd move 10 spots up the scoring ladder to 16th, 0.1 points behind Atlanta.

    We are more inclined to run a half-court offense, obviously, behind Carmelo Anthony's preferred 1-on-1, grind 'em down approach, but what is it about the Knicks' defensive M.O that makes our beloved team so bereft of points on the run?

    Food for thought!
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    Lastseason (2012-13) we average 4 pts per game on fastbreaks .. it made us look like a pityful D.League team in the postseason games when we couldnt beat KG or Hibbert downcourt on a fastbreak.

    Melo & JR has NO skills in transition b.ball because the two players refuse to run on a fastbreak, or catch n pass to get the ball on the other end of the court in less than 4 seconds.
    HC Woodson let these two players (Melo/JR) run our offense, and they are always walking (dribble) the ball to the other end of the court where our oponents have enough time to setup their defense.

    If we ran fastbreaks or a transition-offense after a Prigioni or Shump steal, our bigmen (Tyson, Stat, Barg, K-Mart) rotation would average double-diget points.
    But Melo (like Marbury) never run bc he would be to tired/aghausted to play 40 or more minutes per game to keep up their career stats.

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    Funny thing is its usually youth that sparks fast breaks on the rim end, unless your LBJ...Did you notice Toure and THJ look to run and had a few nice ones the other day. Hence, the sixers have a crappy defense

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