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One thing is for sure, I'm truly getting sick of Wilken's coaching style. I've tried to give him a fair shake, but Vince is correct when he said the game has passed him by. I don't even know how many close games the Knicks have lost, and Lenny doesn't instruct the Knicks to foul in the last minute. He just stands there with that stupid confused look on his face.
I dont think it could have been said any better. Wilkens needs to go and someone who is still quasi-familiar with todays style needs to come and be a defensive specialist. People who coem to mind phil jackson ehhhhh i dont think hes honestly proven himself look at the players hes had with him in his successplus personally i hate triangle offense you need a monster center to run it anyways. Other then that theres noone that jumps out, buit whoever he gets needs to eb a defensive specialist. I think once isiah feels hes amde all the trade moves he needs toand he has a good enough team in place he should take the damn job