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    Originally Posted by bluechox2
    dengs been traded to CLE...anyhow, we dont need another sf...what we need is a tru pg that can defend his spot better than what we have

    we need to get on that rondo train asap

    I said "could have" in probability. I know Deng has been traded. If you look at the players/assets(Novak/2016 pick included) I listed in the trade, it was obvious I was referring to a time prior...what if we had kept assets longer scenario.

    Uhhhmmm let's say we trade TimBugJr


    That's fairly solid and a pretty balanced team. Melo has been playing power forward for us in many games and it hasn't stopped him from getting numbers in streak fashion. What Deng allows for us to do, is guard on the other side of the basketball with our switches and help defense schemes. He'd also be a great equalizer on offense and he doesn't take bad shots and he's a ball mover.

    I already stated in a previous post what we could have done assets wise applying it to a point guard acquisition. I mentioned the Deng scenario because another poster mentioned we could have gone for Zach or Deng.
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